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Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce

The Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce is:

  • An independent, non-profit organization financed by its members to promote business & advocate on their behalf. (Not a government agency or part of the City of Flagstaff.)
  • Almost 120 years old, having been founded in 1891 as the Board of Trade. It formally incorporated as an official Chamber of Commerce in 1949.
  • A community problem solver, that promotes Flagstaff community and its total economy. The Chamber knows that a great climate for businesses and organizations is not automatic and that their interests must be encouraged, promoted and sometimes.
  • More than 1,000 members strong. The vast majority of our members are small businesses employing less than 10 people.

The Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce Mission:

Advancing a strong business climate and vibrant economy by being an advocate for business and a catalyst for community and economic development in the greater Flagstaff region

Chamber Leadership and Committees

Learn more about the Chamber’s Board of Directors and the Chamber’s Committees.

Contact Us:

Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce
101 W. Route 66
Flagstaff, AZ 86001
Fax: 928.779.1209

Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce - Front of Building

Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce – Front of Building

The Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce is Dedicated to:

  1. Creating a Strong Local Economy.
  2. Promoting Business & the Community
  3. Providing Networking Opportunities
  4. Representing the Interests of Business before Government
  5. Influencing Political Action

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